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What is Godhood?

Create your own religion in Godhood: the roster-management auto-battling god game! Choose and guide your disciples. Command their virtues and vices. Inspire them to construct great temples, ready for rituals to be held in your honor. Convert worshippers, defeat your rivals, and become the most powerful god of all!

  • Create your own religion From peaceful meditative monks to savage warrior-priests drenched in the blood of human sacrifice, mix and match religious dogmas to shape your worshippers’ morality!
  • Auto-Battler Ritual Combat Face other religions in turn-based auto-battler combat called sacraments. Use awe, persuasion, brute force or even flirtation to defeat and convert their worshippers.
  • Guide Your Roster of Disciples Disciples are the heroes of your religion. Choose their class and level up their abilities to create your perfect team of mighty missionaries.
  • Manage Your Holy Site Expand your holy site with new temples and buildings and unlock new options based on the religion you're creating. Use these to collect tribute or power up your disciples even further.
  • Make Them Believe Take care of your disciples and answer their prayers to keep them faithful. A disciple is only as strong as their faith in you!
  • A Relaxing Mythical World Vibrant hand-painted art and relaxing tunes let you fully immerse yourself in Godhood’s world of devoted worship and mythical heroes.
  • Replayability Experiment with different combinations of religious commandments, virtues, disciple classes, and holy relics.