Create your own religion
While the base game is already funded and planned for Early Access in May 2019, the team strives to give the game extra depth with the help of their community. If we reach our goal of €50,000 before March 1st, one of the additions that players will gain is the option to create their own secret cult and pose as an ancient eldritch horror. You can visit the Kickstarter page right here.
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What is Godhood?
  • Create your own religion.You define what is important to your followers. Select virtues and vices. Guide their lives and the rituals they must perform to honor you. A few will rise to become powerful disciples who can help train future generations.
  • Nurture and guide your followers.You do not control your disciples, merely guide them. But deciding what rituals they enact, which monument they build and managing their abilities and powers will all be key to a prosperous tribe.
  • Ritual combat.Other deities and religions vie for power and influence. Face rival gods and their followers in ritual combat known as ‘Sacraments’. Your disciples will need to prove their faith through the use of awe, persuasion or brute force.
  • Colourful art style.Charming visuals with a crisp hand-drawn style depict the new and unknown world of Godhood, seen through a lush, isometric perspective.
  • Replayability.Powered by a deep simulation system, Godhood allows you to experiment with dozens of different combinations of religious dogmas. Unlock new secrets as you progress along a main storyline filled with battles, rituals and challenging quests.